Architectural offices in Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca


There is a great demand for Cypriot architects these days. This is because their projects have won numerous awards all over the world and also because the Cypriot scene in Cyprus is becoming famous for its innovation and audacity. Simply put, Cyprus is home to some of the most modern and visionary architecture in Europe, mainly because it is home to many international corporations and other business entities due to the country’s geographical location and its good relations with the UK. Cypriot architecture is simply booming, as is evidenced by the fact that new construction projects seem to be starting on a daily basis throughout the country.

It goes without saying that no one understands the architecture scene in Cyprus than Cyprus architects. Also, a local architect is definitely the best choice for any construction project since they are the ones that know the landscapes and therefore are the most suitable to give a project the soul and the life it needs to stand out. They are the only ones that can elevate a building from a home or an office to a true work of art. For all those reasons, picking a local architect for your construction project in Cyprus, regardless of its scope, is essential. How will you find the best architecture office or professionals in the country though? Here are some tips to help you along, especially if you know nothing about Cyprus and its architects to begin with.

Look for architect referrals

Believe it or not, architects know about their colleagues, no matter which country they are in. In other words, if you don’t know any architects in Cyprus, you can ask an architect that you know and trust in your country to suggest some to you. Chances are that he will have read the names of architects and architect offices in Cyprus in international architecture publications that he or she is subscribed to. Don’t forget that Cyprus architecture has gained international attention.

Ask for referrals from other clients

If you don’t know any architects in your country, then the next logical step is to seek information from people who have actually hired Cypriot architects. This can be done by looking up construction projects in the area that you are interested in and talking with the people that commissioned them. Ask them which architects they worked with and why and whether they considered others and the reasons why they dismissed them. You are not asking them for corporate secrets or anything like that, so they should be willing to help you out, they did complete their projects after all.

Check out the local literature

By literature we don’t mean novels and poetry collections, we mean architecture journals. The local architecture association and other similar entities will definitely be publishing journals and chances are that they will be available in a wide variety of languages. Check out some of those publications and you will definitely come across the names of the best and the most up and coming firms and architects in the country. You won’t explicitly find the best architecture office, but you will find the standouts and the ones that you should focus your enquiries on.

Get in contact with the architecture association

Finally, there’s the architect association of Cyprus. Its members are the crème de la crème of Cypriot architecture. This organization is all about helping people find architects for their projects in Cyprus so they will be more than happy to provide you with lists of their members along with portfolios and contact information. Again, they won’t explicitly name a firm or an individual as the best in the field, but you can rest assured that their members are among the most highly-qualified and successful in the country.

Lets dream together

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